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How long will my mote content be kept available?




  • Stephanie Eaton

    I am a teacher looking into how I can use this next year. It would be nice for at least the text transcript to remain in the comment on the doc after the audio has been deleted. When the comment data is deleted, will the comment itself disappear, or will it remain as a broken link?

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  • Will

    Hi Stephanie - thanks for the comment! You make an excellent point. It sounds like we should give you the option to "star" a comment that you want to be retained indefinitely.

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  • Esther Ellis

    This is the first week I have used Mote and I like the way I can connect better with the students but after the Mote disappears, I can't track where my comments where to see if they have acted on it and there is no evidence I have looked at their work so limited use for me. 

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  • Will

    HI Esther - thanks for letting us know. It sounds like you're using mote with Google Doc comments?

    You're right to highlight that 'resolving' a comment makes it disappear, which is one reason why many teachers prefer using Google Classroom to leave comments. You might want to consider that option.

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