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What will other people see when I create a voice mote?




  • Floriane Latulipe

    On the landing page, the teacher's full name is posted along with a voice sample of their voice.  Some teachers are not happy with this, as voice may well be used for biometric security systems elsewhere, 

    What measures do you have in place to stop this landing page from being viewable by anyone other than the intended recepient?


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  • Leslie Wall

    My students can see regular text comments but nothing appears when I leave a voice comment. There isn't even a comment with a link. Nothing. Literally nothing shows on their end. Please help. They do use chrome browser but do not have the mote extension. According to this article, they shouldn't need it. So what is going on here?

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  • Will

    Hi Leslie - sorry to ask the obvious...but are you definitely clicking 'Comment' or 'Reply' once you've created your voice notes? If not...they won't be saved.

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